Plan That Works For You

Payment plans which is not only clear but also tailored to meet your business needs.

Payment Plan

We offer consultancy service that keeps its pricing clear and helps you pay your fees according to the payment plan specifically tailored to suit your business needs. We meet with each client in order to assess what accountancy and tax work needs to be carried out, discuss the possible tax savings available and answer any questions you may have.

The initial meeting is FREE and you will receive a fixed fee quote. Although there is no obligation to use our consultancy services our quote is valid for up to one month giving you plenty of time to think about the meeting and ask further questions or about any additional services.

We offer payment options which allow our clients to pay their consultancy fees in easy to manage terms.

A Complete One-off Payment:

This is when we have agreed with you to receive the full consultancy fees in at the start of the contract.

Two Instalments:

This is when we have agreed with you to receive part payment at the start of contract and the rest of the fees at the time of completion of the services.

Three Instalments:

This is when three equal instalments are agreed, first at the start of the contract, the second when 50% of the services are rendered and the third at the time of completion of the services rendered.

Monthly Payment via Standing Order:

This is when we have agreed with you to receive your consultancy fees in easy monthly instalments by standing order, which can really help with cash flow and most of our clients prefer this option.

How does it work?

Get in Touch

Call us on 0207-899-0415 or email us at and we will call you back to arrange a free consultation.


Attend a meeting with one of our consultants who will determine exactly how we can help you and your business. This meeting is free and there is no obligation to use our services. These meetings can be arranged at your premises to suit you.

Get A Fixed Quote

Once we have had the initial meeting, a fixed quote will be supplied to cover all the work which we believe needs completing. Our quote stands for up to 1 month see you plenty time to think things over. This can be paid by agreed payment plan.